We operate under a very simple philosophy....

Krev Performance - Strength and Conditioning


Our philosophy is very simple... To create a motivational environment and deliver high level coaching and education to complete beginners, advanced fitness enthusiasts and sportspeople to help realise their potential.

That is it, in a nutshell! We are like nothing around the area. We are not money driven, we are not delivering the latest fad in fitness and we are not a commercial gym. We are enthusiastic, knowledgeable coaches at degree level, with years of experience delivering outstanding content in a performance environment where anybody, regardless of experience, can achieve.


There's nothing like us in the area. Come and check us out today.

Krev Performance - Strength and Conditioning
UC Performance Gym


We have some of the most respected and knowledgeable staff in the area within their chosen fields 

UC Performance Gym


The gym itself is a membership only gym accessible anytime through a key fob door entry system when the class timetable allows.


View the class schedule and book online.

About Us

Krev Performance Strength & Conditioning

Small group Strength and Conditioning classes and 'anytime access' open gym for beginner fitness enthusiasts to elite performers.


Krev Performance Strength & Conditioning
Unit E, St Austell Bay Business Park,
Par Moor Road,
St Austell,
PL25 3RF

0791 720 7613

Krev Performance - Strength and Conditioning

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Be responsible. From Monday we stopped all our group training and as of tomorrow, access to our facility will cease. The doors will be triple-locked and we will wait.

Will we lose money? YES
Will we struggle on return if we are even in a position to return? YES
Is it heartbreaking? MASSIVELY

However, we have a responsibility to our members first and also to protect the general population. We have been the most hygienic place on the planet since we opened, we are renowned for our clean space and tripled our efforts easily from day 1 of this crisis. In the grand scheme of things, that is a small drop in the ocean.

"Social distancing" means "social distancing". To completely police this and in our opinion, there is only one way and that is to shut and socially distance!! It isn't rocket science!

We are hearing of establishments running classes, trying to entice people in with a free week if they shout about it on social media that they are still going! Morons! All sorts of stupid shit going on. If you own a facility where numerous people touch pieces of equipment etc. IN OUR OPINION, you have a responsibility to shut that facility and address the financial issues when you return. You can program home workouts, it's not hard. But if you are staying open, then that is irresponsible.

So to all our members and users, we have been transparent with you throughout this process as you well know. We love you and we will take care of you now and when you return x

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