Our small group training classes are unrivaled by anything in the area.



Our small group training classes are unrivalled by anything in the area. They are capped at no more than 10 people allowing for a 1:10 - 1:18 ratio of coach to member. This ensures you are being coached when you attend these classes rather than an instructor shouting white noise at you from the front! This enables you to be comfortable in the knowledge that everything you do will be sound technique wise and corrected if any discrepancies are noticed.
We don’t want anybody to be good at being poor.
We want you to achieve and stay injury free.

“Your best ability is your availability to take part"


Krev Performance Strength & Conditioning


Variable high intensity conditioning involving barbell work using different formats and methods to improve endurance of the different energy systems, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination and balance whilst having a
positive effect on body composition. This class is coached by our Crossfit level 1 trainers.

Krev Performance Strength & Conditioning


A progressive class working on the safest
and most efficient barbell strength training techniques. This class looks at the compound lifts; Deadlift, squat variations, bench press and overhead press variations and accessory movements to improve these lifts. This class is a sequential class and it is highly recommended that you can attend weekly.

Krev Performance Strength & Conditioning


A class that concentrates on the Olympic
lifts; the snatch and the clean and jerk. This class is progressive and a number of key performance indicators must be obtained before progressing to the more difficult techniques.
The method of coaching this class often takes a top down approach in safe and effective stages.

Krev Performance Strength & Conditioning


This is a 30 minute high intensity class using different methods and durations of work followed by periods of rest. This class is ideal to increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels and promote fat loss. A range of equipment and bodyweight exercises form the basis of our HIIT class. All movements are scaleable. Don't be put off by the high intensity nature, it is personal and all relative to you and your current fitness levels.

Krev Performance Strength & Conditioning


This class is for sport and general fitness and concentrates Energy System Development (ESD) at a range of
intensities and rates of perceived exertion (RPE) that directly relate to heart rate. For example for a period of time, the class concentrates on cardiac output using a variety of methods at a 5/10 intensity for a long duration or alternatively cardiac power could be the focus where work is done at 10/10 intensity for a short period of time.

Krev Performance Strength & Conditioning


A class for anybody that wants to get faster! It is ideal for sportspeople. This class concentrates on the running mechanics and different methods used to improve acceleration
and max velocity. It is more about quality than quantity and is a technical class for beginner to advanced.

Krev Performance Strength & Conditioning

KB Conditioning

Long, short and medium intervals using
Kettlebells, other equipment and bodyweight movements.

Learn how to effectively use a Kettlebell to improve your strength, power and stamina.

Krev Performance Strength & Conditioning


This class focuses on improving mobility, balance and joint function, building strength and stability throughout the body and therefore enhancing overall performance and help prevent injury.

Krev Performance Strength & Conditioning

Junior Fitness

Available on booking only. For children
ages 6-15. A carefully coached class for Juniors to learn the correct techniques of movement in a fun, friendly and progressive manner. This class will involve mainly bodyweight movements and Junior equipment and it is for all abilities.
All our coaches are fully enhanced DBS checked.



Online booking & schedule.

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Krev Performance Strength & Conditioning

Small group Strength and Conditioning classes and 'anytime access' open gym for beginner fitness enthusiasts to elite performers.


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Krev Performance - Strength and Conditioning

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Be responsible. From Monday we stopped all our group training and as of tomorrow, access to our facility will cease. The doors will be triple-locked and we will wait.

Will we lose money? YES
Will we struggle on return if we are even in a position to return? YES
Is it heartbreaking? MASSIVELY

However, we have a responsibility to our members first and also to protect the general population. We have been the most hygienic place on the planet since we opened, we are renowned for our clean space and tripled our efforts easily from day 1 of this crisis. In the grand scheme of things, that is a small drop in the ocean.

"Social distancing" means "social distancing". To completely police this and in our opinion, there is only one way and that is to shut and socially distance!! It isn't rocket science!

We are hearing of establishments running classes, trying to entice people in with a free week if they shout about it on social media that they are still going! Morons! All sorts of stupid shit going on. If you own a facility where numerous people touch pieces of equipment etc. IN OUR OPINION, you have a responsibility to shut that facility and address the financial issues when you return. You can program home workouts, it's not hard. But if you are staying open, then that is irresponsible.

So to all our members and users, we have been transparent with you throughout this process as you well know. We love you and we will take care of you now and when you return x

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